Book a Momentum Feng Shui service.

Review the services below and book a FREE 20 minute Discovery Call. At that point we will choose a service most fitting for your needs.

Residential Feng Shui Consultation

When you implement changes in your home, you’ll notice that your life is transformed instantly. (Condo, Townhome, House.)

New Home Construction Consultation

A Consultation package from the ground up, starting with the design of a house with Feng Shui Principals and Enhancements to support Health, Well-being and Prosperity.

Business Feng Shui Consultation

Transform your space to welcome clients, invite advantageous business transactions and inspire employees….all by simply using Feng Shui (Small Office, Office Building, Retail, Warehouse.)

Feng Shui Consultation for Quick Sale – Home/Business

Possibilities are endless with placement of Feng Shui Remedies for a Quick Sale and Top Dollar.

Feng Shui Consultation for Purchasing Real Estate

Consultation includes assessment of houses on your shortlist, that will give you energetic platform on which to base your vital decision.

Home Office

A personalized service to enhance the productivity in a Home Office setup to increase Business Abundance and invite Vibrant Energy.

Feng Shui Vision Board

Create a powerful Feng Shui Vision Board based on your Personalized Compass reading. Also includes a 1 hour phone consultation.

Energy Balancing/Space Clearing

This is powerful work to vibrate the negative energy into alignment and creating a positive flow in your environment.


This service is for those overwhelmed by the “stuff” in your home and would like to take back control for overall wellbeing.