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Computers and Smartphones

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If you work from home or use your smartphone or computer in your business, they may help or hinder your efforts to be more efficient and effective. Most of us use these devices in our everyday life and jobs. Each moment spent on the device can bring about bad Chi and negative energy into our environment.

No one wants to wake up and dread the work day ahead of them so using Feng Shui to help de-clutter and de-stress our devices can be an amazing way to encourage those positive emotions in our daily routine.

By simply applying the following tips, it can help you and your subconscious mind attract new possibilities and opportunities for wealth, growth and fame.

  • Keep the Phone and Computer files clutter-free, delete old phone numbers that no longer serve you, clear out old, rarely used emails and files and stay current. When information is hard to find, we get frustrated and this clouds our interactions and the ability to think clearly. By clearing out old information, you create room for new clients and business to come your way. That also goes for the Trash Folder…once they’re deleted, they still haven’t left. By keeping the recycle bin clear, you will truly remove the files and extra clutter.
  • In the same way that you want to have plenty of free space in your surroundings for the Chi to flow freely, you also need to have ample space and memory on your device. Sluggish, slow moving Chi without ample free space is not conducive for new opportunities to come into your inbox.
  • Keep your screen clean to allow new experiences, people and prospects to enter in your life and business. When its full of dirty, greasy fingerprints, it will prevent you from seeing the opportunities that are coming your way.
  • Make sure the desktop image you choose is inspirational and welcoming. Waterfalls, Family Pictures, Vacation spot photos you love and pictures of calm water/beaches all make great images to keep in front of you. Choose vibrant colors to encourage clarity, energy and positivity.
  • Attempt to open your devices every day for at least few minutes for Chi to flow as it needs to be fresh. Stale Chi can get trapped and can’t escape just like when we open windows to let in fresh air.
  • Choose a password that inspires you as this is a simple yet highly effective way to send your higher self a positive reminder. Change it regularly to generate fresh and positive energy.
  • Protection is an important key in Feng Shui and that also applies to your devices. When you take protective actions to enhance your peace of mind and diminish your vulnerability, you are strengthening the positive Chi. Make sure your information is protected by installing protective software and virus detectors.

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