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Feng Shui for Beginners: A Brief Guide to get you started

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The art of Feng Shui is a practice that has been around for more than 5000 years. And yet, this ancient art is still incredibly relevant today. But what exactly is Feng Shui, and what can it do to help you and your family? Here’s my guide to Feng Shui for beginners and some of the basic things you can do to get started.

What Does Feng Shui Mean?

Let’s start at the beginning. Feng Shui literally means “wind and water”. Pronounced fung shway, it’s the ancient Chinese art form of placement. Ultimately, what Feng Shui does is to promote the flow and movement of good energy, or Chi (sometimes written as Qi), around the space you’re in. It does this in several different ways. But it’s not just about where you place your sofa or bed. Feng Shui works to create balance in all areas of your life, such as Health, Wealth, Career and Relationships. 

It might seem magical and mystical, but the effects of Feng Shui are proven to work. Studies show that using Feng Shui’s principles to rearrange your office or bedroom has resulted in greater productivity and better sleep patterns, for example.

 How Feng Shui Works

The main aim of Feng Shui is to balance Chi through the use of the five elements – fire, wood, water, metal and earth – and colour schemes. Feng Shui Consultants give advice and guidance about arranging your home to promote the flow of energy. That same energy is inside us, which is why we feel a direct connection to our homes and possessions and why we can sense when changes have been made. In short, how we decorate and layout our home can have an immediate and distinct effect on every aspect of our lives. So, where do we begin? 

It’s important to note that there are different schools of Feng Shui. As a classical Feng Shui Consultant, I focus on the more traditional principles of this art form.

The Five Elements

Where and how the five elements interact in your home will affect the flow of Chi and, so, will influence your wellbeing. To work out the best places for these elements in your home, it’s important to create an energy map of the space. This map, called a Bagua, defines the eight areas of your home, with each area being responsible for influencing a particular area of your life.

The Bagua Areas

The eight Bagua areas each relate to an area of your life and wellbeing. They also link to one of the five elements. 

  • South – Fame and Reputation 
  • Southwest – Love and Marriage 
  • West – Children, Creativity and New Beginnings 
  • Northwest – Helpful people and Travel 
  • North – Career and Life’s Journey 
  • Northeast – Knowledge, Wisdom and Meditation 
  • East – Family and Community 
  • Southeast – Wealth and Prosperity 

The compass direction of your front door defines where each of these areas falls in your home. By discovering where each room of your home falls on the Bagua, you can place the element remedies accordingly as well as add supporting colour schemes to enhance the flow of Chi.

How Colour Affects Feng Shui

The use of colour in Feng Shui is significant, particularly when you realise that colour itself is how we perceive different light waves. Light is energy, as with everything else. This means colour is also energy and has a significant effect on our wellbeing like the elements do. In Feng Shui, different colours carry different types of energy and also interact with the five elements. Specific colours work best with each of the elements and, in turn, the different Bagua areas based on the Compass calculation.


One of the key aspects of Feng Shui is the placement and position of items around your home. This is something that has been well popularised over the years. It’ll also be the first thing that most people will think of when learning about Feng Shui. Yes, it’s worth knowing certain things, but the quickest and most straightforward advice I could offer to a beginner is this… declutter your space. It’s the first, most crucial step you can take towards introducing good energy flow through your living space and when you’re ready to place the remedies according to your Feng Shui study, the space will be ready to receive the positive energy.

 Of course, this is a very simple explanation of the art of Feng Shui if you’ve never read about it before. But if you’d like to delve deeper and find out how Feng Shui can help you and your wellbeing, do get in touch for a discovery call to find out how I can help you.

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