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How to Invite Good Energy into your Home with Front Door Feng Shui

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When it comes to attracting good Chi into your home, the front door is where it all starts. In Feng Shui, the front door is where positive energy enters and flows. So, if you’re coming home and not feeling a sense of calm or peace, then it may well be due to your entryway. This post talks about front door Feng Shui decoration, front door Feng Shui lighting and much more. Here are my top tips on Feng Shui rules for front doors.

Front Door Tips – Remove Clutter & Clean

As with other areas of your home, you should first start by decluttering and clearing the space leading up to your front door. According to Feng Shui principles, the front door of your house represents the mouth of the home. So, make sure it’s easy to access by keeping it clear of clutter, allowing for clear and smooth communication.

You want positive energy to enter and move throughout your house easily but if things are cluttering the path or front entrance, Chi won’t flow freely. Regularly clear the area, clean up the dead leaves, cobwebs and so on, especially in the winter when the focus isn’t so much on the home’s exterior. To achieve successful Feng Shui decor, make sure the trees or hanging decorations are not causing an obstruction. Also, ensure the house number is visible from the street. Think about it from the perspective of inviting a guest to your home. If they can’t easily find your home because the number isn’t visible, then how can you expect Chi to do the same?

Simple maintenance on the front door is important. First, give it a good clean. Make sure the windows and surfaces are clean. Check that the door handle isn’t loose. Next, sweep the porch and tuck away any unused items.

Unused Front Doors, Side Door and Garage access

People often use a side door or enter their home through the garage these days. If that’s the case within your home, exit your front door at least once a day, inviting positive energy in as you walk back inside. To invite Feng Shui to your front door, here are the steps to follow: step out of your front door, ground yourself for a few seconds, then come back inside. By doing this, you encourage good energy to come back with you.

Also, welcome your guests through the front door, which allows you to receive the positive Chi and any opportunities that it brings.

Curb Appeal

An attractive entrance will always be more inviting than one that’s been left unattended. I’m sure you’d feel the same way if you were to compare two doors and were choosing which one to walk up to! Place some front door plants (a pair is best for balance) to set the tone and create curb appeal.

While you want good energy to flow into your home, you don’t want it crashing in at light speed. Avoid using a straight walkway to the door to prevent this. Create the illusion of a meandering walkway by placing small shrubs or year-round green plants on the path. Adding fragrant flowers and plants also helps to welcome the positive Chi to your house.

Do you live on a T-junction, crossroads, or opposite a busy public space like a hospital, school or place of business? These areas can create forceful, harsh energy known as Sha Chi, also known as a ‘poison arrow’. This type of force tends to weaken your energy, leaving people feeling restless and unstable. Slow this energy down before entering your home by creating energetic barriers using plants, small shrubs or a fence. These create a cushion-like effect of the Sha Chi. These barriers have the bonus of reducing the harsh glare from car headlights and reduce the loud noise of traffic moving through the area. I can also suggest other remedies, such as to Feng Shui with crystals, to correct the energetic balance after reviewing your front door during a consultation. Different entrances and directions require specific remedies, so do speak to me if you’re unsure!

Front Door Lighting

Feng Shui front door lighting can be added to ensure a continual attraction of positive energy towards your home; and to make sure the area is well lit. Keep your lighting clean and change any burnt-out bulbs. Also, keep any glass in or around your front door spotless so that the area stays bright and fresh. If your entrance is at the side, add lighting and entry door plants to guide the Chi to the area. And you can encourage it further by choosing a wooden door, as this represents prosperity, growth and good health.

Feng Shui rules for the front door

Colour and decor are great ways to invite Chi into your home. Choose a colourful outdoor area rug or mat, but avoid anything with distinct religious writing or affirmations, as it’s disrespectful to step on those words.

You can also add a wreath to the front door, but avoid dried flowers and opt for silk ones instead. If there’s space, add a piece of vibrant artwork to your porch area.

Live in an apartment, town-home, or your office door is in a corridor where they all look the same? You can get creative with some pretty door decor to make your entrance look more inviting. I had one client recently who loves bling, so she added a little glitter to her peephole! Likewise, you could add bells to the handle so that every time the door opens and closes, the bells “excite” the Chi in the area and invites it in. Of course, these are just a few ideas, so feel free to come up with your own!

If you’d like me to view your entrance or answer your questions like what is the best Feng Shui front door colour or in Feng Shui, what direction should the front door face, do get in touch with me!

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