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Invest in your Body

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Our body does not need us, we NEED our body! We take our bodies for granted, Yes! We are all guilty of it. We neglect them, abuse them in subtle ways, shame them, expect them to look perfect, compare them to others… Why? Why do we do this?

Let’s take a moment to reflect on this and be grateful for just even being alive today! This body has carried us through some very hard traumatic times of our lives, it has persevered through it all, and here we are today, in present.

Let’s start fresh. With small steps of just acknowledging that we are gifted with this amazing mechanism with incredible resilience and healing power. Let’s be grateful and take care of what is gifted to us by Mother Nature. Some fresh air, good nutrition, hydration, yoga, walks in nature, rest, meditation… do whatever it takes to care for yourself. This is showing respect and love to the body that has been with us since our very existence and shall carry us through life till our last breath.

Our minds are equally important. Feeding our mind with positive, healthy thoughts make our bodies even more energized to take on whatever life throws at us. It all goes hand in hand. Healthy mind will feed the body with healthy nourishment and thoughts, hence a win-win situation.

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